Illinois State University Environmental Science Multiple Choice Questions – Assignment Help

Question 1 of 453 Points

What are the four categories of pollutants in raw sewage?

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Question 2 of 452 Points

Which of the following would be considered a behavioral or cultural hazard?

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Question 3 of 452 Points

Describe the effects of pollution on lakes.

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Question 4 of 453 Points

In the U.S., most sewage now receives

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Question 5 of 452 Points

The best way to ensure an adequate supply of water is by

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Question 6 of 452 Points

Australia doing all of the following to combat a massive drought except what?

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Question 7 of 452 Points

All of the following would characterize a waste-prevention system except

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Question 8 of 452 Points

What substance was controlled in the Water Quality Act of 1987?

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Question 9 of 452 Points

BPA is a hormone disrupter commonly found in ___

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Question 10 of 452 Points

It is estimated that as much as half of all “Superfund” moneys spend go for

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Question 11 of 453 Points

Kristianstad, Sweden did all of the following to manage solid waste, except:

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Question 12 of 452 Points

Which of the following are ways that can reduce the amount of water used in manufacturing?

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Question 13 of 452 Points

Malaria is caused by

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Question 14 of 452 Points

Porous water-saturated layers of underground rock, sand, or gravel are known as

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Question 15 of 452 Points

Of the following, which is the most ecologically responsible way to dispose of sewage sludge?

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Question 16 of 452 Points

The only effective way to protect groundwater is to

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Question 17 of 453 Points

The total product life cycle refers to:

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Question 18 of 452 Points

What is the best way to deal with hazardous waste?

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Question 19 of 452 Points

A special test used for monitoring for sewage contamination in drinking water

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Question 20 of 453 Points

Which one of the following would be considered a non-point source of water pollution?

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Question 21 of 452 Points

If toxic chemicals such as heavy metals and non-biodegradable organic compounds are put into the sanitary sewer system, most will

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Question 22 of 452 Points

What causes subsidence?

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Question 23 of 453 Points

Individuals can reduce inputs of hazardous waste by all of the following except

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Question 24 of 452 Points

The top priority in a pollution prevention approach to solid waste management would be

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Question 25 of 452 Points

The majority of solid waste (by weight) consists of

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Question 26 of 453 Points

Which statement about Lakes Mead & Powell is most correct?

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Question 27 of 452 Points

Preliminary treatment at a municipal wastewater treatment facility includes

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Question 28 of 452 Points

Final disinfection of wastewater in the U.S. is most generally done by adding

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Question 29 of 453 Points

The biomagnification of DDT demonstrates that

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Question 30 of 452 Points

Individual home septic systems generally DO NOT involve

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Question 31 of 452 Points

Methane is

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Question 32 of 452 Points

Describe the effects of point source pollution as a river flows downstream.

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Question 33 of 452 Points

Compare water pollution in a lake versus water pollution in a river.

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Question 34 of 452 Points

A typical person in the U.S. uses this much water per day for residential use

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Question 35 of 452 Points

Which of the following cannot typically be composted?

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Question 36 of 453 Points

Landfills differ from open dumps in that

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Question 37 of 452 Points

What is a brownfield?

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Question 38 of 452 Points

Surface water is more likely to be polluted than groundwater because

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Question 39 of 452 Points

Most of the water supplied to homes is used

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Question 40 of 453 Points

Which of the following are vectors (transmitters of disease)

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Question 41 of 452 Points

The total amount of water on the Earth ________ from year to year & the hydrologic cycle __________.

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Question 42 of 452 Points

The most likely health hazard of domestic sewage wastes is its

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Question 43 of 452 Points

Leachate is

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Question 44 of 452 Points

Approximately ______% of Earth’s water is fresh rather than salt water.

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Question 45 of 452 Points

In the US, the largest user of water is

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Illinois State University

electrical power generation

Storm Water

non biodegradable compounds

subsidize water efficient appliances

public supply

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